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The cost of a rehabilitation program is put into perspective when you look at the toll addiction has on an addict’s life. Relying on drugs or alcohol to get through the day leaves a person inadequate to perform basic life functions such as hold a job, acquire education or maintain relationships. The financial cost of addiction can far outweigh the cost of treatment. Serenity place offers affordable financial packages for substance abuse rehabilitation and mental health patients in Pakistan. Reach out to us with your details and our customer support team will be happy to answer all your questions about our pricing.
At Serenity Place, we hope to help you or your loved one save money, by helping to reinvest in your potential to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Every person, every situation, every family is unique. Therefore, we believe your treatment should be unique and customized for you. We tailor every treatment to the unique needs of every individual. Accordingly, our pricing is specific to a range of packages and custom services. Please contact us to discuss your situation with us and how we can customize a treatment plan for you or your loved one. We also recommend that you visit our facility to get a better feel for the services we offer and speak to our staff directly.

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Good Experience with this center. They provided best facilities and services With highly professional Staff...

Great & Talented Team!

Very nice arrangement for the patients and above all patients care is at its peak the level of the day to day interest.

Zunaira aiman

A 5-star facility with very competent professional staff. Nestled in quite Banigala neighborhood. A perfectly quiet place away.

Umair sheikh